This page collates all the outputs we have produced containing data from the census conducted in 2021.

The census is a survey undertaken by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) that happens every 10 years and gives a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. Census Day was on Sunday 21 March 2021 and Trafford's response rate for usual residents was 98%. You can find further information about the census 2021 from the ONS, including their proposed timeline for publishing the data.

Following each release we will be creating and updating our outputs concerning Trafford and publishing them here. Our glossary contains definitions of the commonly used terms.



Analyses of the general health of Trafford's residents, levels of disability under the Equality Act and provision of unpaid care by hours per week from the census 2021 health, disability and unpaid care topic summary.

Report detailing the highest level of educational attainment of Trafford's residents and analysis of the student and schoolchildren populations across the borough from the census 2021 education topic summary.

Analysis of the different types of accommodation, tenure, central heating methods and bedroom occupancy from the census 2021 housing topic summary release. Includes comparisons within Trafford and across similar local authorities, Greater Manchester and England.

This report analyses the data published regarding the ethnic group, national identity, language, and religion of residents from the 2021 census and compares it to similar data from the census in 2011.

The 2021 census in England and Wales was the first to ask people if they had previously served in the UK armed forces. This report analyses the data for Trafford released in the UK armed forces veterans: Census 2021 in England and Wales topic summary, relating to those who previously served in the UK armed forces and excluding those who are currently serving.

Following the release of demography and migration data from the 2021 census, this report contains analysis of the change in Trafford's population and households from the previous census and provides comparisons with the other local authorities in Greater Manchester. Additionally for Trafford, analysis is also provided for international migration.


Open datasets in CSV format. Data is provided at local authority level for the whole of Greater Manchester and then at smaller geographies for Trafford only.

ONS Publications

Information and resources published by the Office for National Statistics.


  • Within the outputs provided, the variable name "sex" refers to the assignment at birth based upon an individual's biological aspects, and "gender" refers to an individual's personal, internal perception of themselves (ONS: What is the difference between sex and gender?). Further information is provided by the ONS in: Sex and gender identity question development for Census 2021
  • Population and household estimates from the Census 2021 first results release are rounded to the nearest 100, therefore discrepancies can occur e.g. between the sum of population by age bands and the total population figure. All further releases contain unrounded data