Ethnicity in Trafford (Census 2021)

Source: Office for National Statistics.
Infographic highlighting ethnicity in Trafford from census 2021 data.
The infographic, containing statistics released on from the census taken on Sunday 21 March 2021, shows that the White British population (White: English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish or British) in Trafford is now 169,550. This is 12,650 fewer people compared to the previous census in 2011, representing a 6.9% decrease. The total White population has decreased by 5.7%. The Asian population is now 29,588 representing an increase of 64.6%, with the Indian and Pakistani populations specifically increasing by 3,902 (62%) and 4,452 (63%) respectively. The number of households with residents of multiple ethnicities has increased by 2% to 11,107 from the previous census and the number of households where ethnic groups differ between partnerships has increased by 1.9% to 7,372.