Trafford Household Composition (Census 2021)

Source: Office for National Statistics.
Infographic showing the composition of Trafford households from census 2021 data.
The infographic, containing unrounded statistics released on from the census taken on Sunday 21 March 2021, shows that there were 96,269 households with usual residents in Trafford. The composition of Trafford's households was 30.3% couples with children, 15.2% couples with no children, 10.9% lone parent families, 29.5% one person households and 14.2% other households. Compared to the census in 2011, there has been an increase from 28.4% to 30.3% in households of couples with children, a 1.3% decrease in households of couples with no children and an increase from 12.8% to 13.3% of one person households aged 65 or older. The proportions of household size in Trafford were 29.5% one person, 31.3% two people, 16.7% three people, 15.4% four people and 7.1% five or more people.