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The Trafford Data Lab supports decision-making in Trafford by revealing patterns in data through visualisation. It is committed to publishing open data and using open source tools to encourage a transparent and reproducible analytical workflow.

Who we are

Henry Partridge
I am the Manager of the Trafford Data Lab. I have previously worked at Manchester Metropolitan University and Transport for London. I have particular expertise in #rstats, data visualisation and spatial analysis. I like cats and making beautiful maps.

Iris García Ríos
I work as a Data Visualisation Developer for the Trafford Data Lab. My past experience includes areas such as app development and biomechanics research at the University of Manchester. I enjoy cycling and walking in the country.

James Austin
My role is Data Visualisation Developer and I have been working at Trafford Council in various data-related capacities since 2006. Previously I worked as a web applications developer for 8 years on a diverse range of projects. I enjoy creative activities and cycling.

Our principles


We strive for an economy of style in all of our data visualisations. We've designed a Lab theme that maintains a consistency of output and we have restricted the number of typefaces and colour palettes used. All of our visualisations are designed to work across platforms: print, desktop, and mobile.


We are committed to the publication of open data because it helps promote transparency and increase trust. We aim to ensure that all the open data we publish has a minimum 3-star openness rating. Our data must be accessible on the Web in a machine readable non-proprietary format with a licence that permits anyone to reuse it.


We are strong advocates of reproducibility: the ability to copy methods and achieve similar results. We have adopted a completely reproducible workflow by using open source code (R, JavaScript etc) and publishing it on GitHub, a software development platform. Other programmers are welcome to fork any of the repositories containing our code and adapt it for their own purposes.

What we do

We publish data and visualisations to inform citizens and those responsible for decision making in Trafford.

The Lab is using R, an open-source programming language for statistical analysis to import, tidy, transform, visualise, model and communicate data. R is central to the Lab's workflow because it provides an efficient and reproducible way of working that encourages both openness and collaboration. We also code in javascript, particularly using the Leaflet and D3 libraries.


The Trafford Data Lab logo is a combination of Laboratory by hunotika from the Noun Project licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution and "Trafford Data Lab" written using the Roboto Google Font. We use Font Awesome icons for the links to our Twitter and GitHub accounts and also on our maps.