Trafford Population & Households (Census 2021)

Source: Office for National Statistics.
Infographic showing population and household statistics from the census 2021 data for Trafford.
The infographic containing statistics from the census taken on Sunday 21 March 2021 shows that there were approximately 235,100 people usually resident within Trafford. 19.5% were aged 0-14 years, 62.9% were aged 15-64 years and 17.6% were aged 65 years and over. Overall the percentage of females was slightly higher than males, 51.3% compared with 48.7%, and this was also true of the 15-64 age group (51% compared with 49%) and the 65 years and over age group (55% compared with 45%). The 0-14 age group showed slightly fewer females (49%) than males (51%). There were approximately 96,300 households with usual residents in Trafford, with an average household size of 2.44. These results were based on a 98% return rate for usual residents.