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94.5% of Trafford's residents report English as their main language in the 2011 Census.

Ward variation

The proportion of residents whose main language is English varies between Trafford's 21 wards. In Clifford ward those who reported another main language accounted for 24.8% of the population

Figure 1: Main language by ward, 2011
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Other languages in Trafford

Figure 2 shows that Polish (0.8%) and Urdu (0.7%) are the most common non-English languages spoken in Trafford.

Figure 2: Other languages spoken in Trafford, 2011
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Focus on Clifford ward

75.2% of people living in Clifford speak English as their main language. The other most common languages are Gujarati (5.0%), Urdu (4.9%), Polish (2.4%), Panjabi (2.3%), Arabic (1.9%), and Somali (1.5%). 61 other languages are spoken.

Figure 3: Main languages spoken in Clifford ward, 2011
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Data sources

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