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This following provides a brief overview of religious affiliation in Trafford in 2011.

Religious belief

Figure 1 shows the proportion of usual ward residents who reported that they had a religion in 2011. The proportion includes those who did not state whether they had a religion because the 2011 census question was voluntary. Hale Barns residents had the highest proportion of residents reporting a religion (80.5%) and Priory the lowest (65.9%). The proportion who didn't answer the religion question was broadly the same across the wards at around 6.3% of residents.

Figure 1: Proportion of ward residents reporting a religion, 2011
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Religious affiliation

Christianity was the largest religion in Trafford with 143,639 residents (87.4%). The second largest religious group were Muslims with 12,994 residents (7.9%).

Figure 2: Religious affiliation in Trafford, 2011
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Figure 3 shows the count of residents in each ward by their religious affiliation. The grey background indicates the total number of ward residents who reported having a religion. The dominant religious group in all wards is Christian except for Clifford which has a slightly larger population of Muslims (48%). There is also a significant minority of Muslim residents in Longford ward (30.1%) and Jewish residents in Hale Barns (13.2%).

Figure 3: Religious affiliation by ward, 2011
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