Choroplether allows the quick creation of choropleth maps in Vega-Lite using your own data. A demonstration showing the ONS Census 2021 population estimates for local authorities in Greater Manchester has been automatically generated. The documentation provides further details on using the app, however please note that Choroplether requires a modern browser - it will not work in Internet Explorer.

MAP LABELS: New feature available in the Design section! Find out more in the documentation.

Provide the data...
Provide the data in CSV or JSON format, (use the links to download a template example of each file type):


Select a geography...
matching your data. Choose "other (custom)" for further options:

Provide the geography in GeoJSON format:


Customise the map...
Customise the map with titles, choose the palette etc.


. Choose "other (custom)" for further options:

Enter a valid sequential palette scheme name

Select the type of scale and number of intervals to use.