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Vector boundary layers for administrative, electoral and statistical geographies in Trafford at generalised resolution (20m).


Source Publisher Time period Geography Licence Attribution Last updated
ONS Open Geography Portal Office for National Statistics (ONS) 2021-2023 Local authority district, Electoral wards, Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies, Parishes, Middle layer Super Output Areas, Lower layer Super Output Areas, Output Areas, Localities OGL v3.0 ONS Geography Open Data. Shared by: ONSGeography_data. Data Source:


The majority of these boundaries can be previewed in our Explore mapping application. Alternatively you can also preview them within our council_open_data GitHub repository.


Download the complete datasets using the following links:

File name Format
local_authority_district.geojson GeoJSON
localities.geojson GeoJSON
electoral_ward.geojson GeoJSON
msoa.geojson GeoJSON
lsoa.geojson GeoJSON
oa.geojson GeoJSON
parish.geojson GeoJSON
westminster_parliamentary_constituency.geojson GeoJSON


The R script used to process the data can be adapted to other areas. For information about R visit the CRAN website.