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Components of change in population in Trafford from 2021 to 2022

According to the ONS mid-year population estimates, Trafford's population was 236,301 in June 2022. In the year to mid-2022 the population of Trafford grew 0.3%, 0.68% less than England at 0.98%. Trafford has the lowest growth compared to the rest of GM authorities.

Population change is mainly driven by Births, Deaths and Migration. In Trafford the largest driver of growth in the year to 2022 was International migration with 1,787 estimated net international moves resulting from 3,048 inflow and 1,261 outflow. The largest driver of population decrease was Internal migration with -1,241 net internal moves between Trafford and other authorities resulting from 13,629 inflow and 14,870 outflow. There were 2,274 births and 2,103 deaths resulting in a natural change (births minus deaths) of 171.

Since 2016 the number of births has been decreasing whilst the number of deaths has being increasing. The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions are clear in both deaths and births. The international migration net decreased during the Covid-19 pandemic with more outflow than inflow but there was a significant increase in net international migration in the year to 2022. Trafford had similar levels of natural change and internal migration than England through the years. However the international migration in Trafford had been lower compared to England through the years both showing an increase in 2022.

Bar charts for 2022 and timelines from 2011 to 2022 for the main components of population change in Trafford and England