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Trafford's changing wards

Electoral wards are administrative areas, represented at council by locally elected councillors to serve the needs of the residents. To ensure fair representation, occasionally these areas are amended, for example if the numbers of electors have become unequal among wards as a result of population changes. For the first time since 2004 Trafford's wards will be changing, with the new boundaries coming into force on 04 May 2023, coinciding with the Local Government Elections in England. There will still be 21 wards, however some of the names and areas they cover will change.

To assist with the management of work that goes on across the borough, Trafford has historically grouped its wards into 4 larger areas known as localities, named "Central", "North", "South" and "West". As the ward boundaries are changing, so too are the localities. The map images show the old ward and locality boundaries compared with the new.

Map of Trafford showing the wards and locality boundaries from 2004 to 2022.
Map of Trafford showing the new wards and locality boundaries from May 2023.

Old wards and localities (2004 - 2022)

New wards and localities (from 04 May 2023)

You can download the maps as PNG images using the following "OLD" and "NEW" download options respectively, as well as the "R" script that created them.