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Almost 16% of Sale Moor is a golf course

A few years ago, Alasdair Rae (@undertheraedar) used Ordnance Survey's Open Greenspace product to calculate the percentage of land covered by golf courses in Great Britain. It turned out that 0.54% of Great Britain was a golf course which is roughly equivalent to the Greater Manchester area (about 1,256 square kilometres). Of local authorities, Woking in Surrey laid claim to having the most area covered by golf courses at 10.7%.

Golf courses cover approximately 3% or 3.2 square kilometres of Trafford. However, coverage varies widely by electoral ward. Of the ten wards that contain a golf course in Trafford, Sale Moor has the largest area of golf courses at 15.8%. By comparison, the area covered by golf courses in Hale Central is 0.001% and 0.07% in Bucklow-St Martins - that's why they aren't visible on the map.

Small multiples map showing the area covered by golf courses in Trafford's electoral wards.
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