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Claimant Rate

The Claimant Count refers to the number of people claiming benefits principally for the reason of being unemployed. From March to May 2020 there was an additional 3.4% of the population aged 16 and over claiming benefits related to unemployment in the UK reaching 6.4% in May 2020. In Trafford the increase was 2.9% between March and May reaching 5.4% in May.

The wards in Trafford that had a high percentage of claimants before the coronavirus outbreak were the ones that experienced the largest increases with Clifford reaching 10.3% and Longford doubling its number of claims. However, all the wards reported an increased number of claimants with eight of them now having more than 5% of the over 16s population claiming unemployment related benefits.

Comparison of claimant rate in Trafford wards during March, April and May 2020.