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Childhood obesity

17% of Year 6 children (10-11 year olds) in Trafford are classified as obese. This is lower than England (20%) but masks considerable variation in obesity prevalence at a ward level. 7.2% of 10-11 year old residents in Hale Central are obese compared with 23.1% in Bucklow-St Martins. Whilst we can be confident that obesity prevalence in Hale Central is lower than England and Trafford we cannot be sure that prevalence in Bucklow-St Martins is any different from England. The 95% confidence intervals for Bucklow-St Martins range between 19.5% and 27.1% which overlaps with the 20% prevalence value for England. However, obesity prevalence in Bucklow-St Martins and three other wards is still higher than Trafford.

95% confidence intervals show the level of uncertainty in the prevalence estimates.

Obesity prevelance amongst Year 6 children in each ward compared to Trafford and England 2016-18.